Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The iTouch Conversation

This was a post from a few years ago.


  1. Hey there Mr. McCarthy!
    This is regarding the iTouch/Zune request that our class has been talking about getting. In my opinion, I think an iTouch would be the best option for us as a class, considering all of the work that we are going to be doing throughout the school year. I feel like the iTouch will have more capacity of saving our work in & an easier way to communicate with you, as well as each other. I also think that an iTouch will help me in my photography class too. I could use the iTouch for mainly my Graphic Communications class, but may also store my personal collection of photos from my Digital Photography class. As far as budget goes, I am aware that getting 10 32GB iTouch(es) will come out to be very expensive. I think that if we want to keep the iTouch, we should pay at least half of what the actual iTouch costs. For example, if the iTouch costs $300.00, then we should pay at least $150.00 or more. Overall I just think that the iTouch will help all of us as a class & as future entrepreneurs. :)

  2. So far we have everyone in agreement. I'd still like to hear from Jose, James, Kiara, Alan, and Patricia before making the purchase. Does anyone know where we can get them at a good price with education discount?

  3. Hey Mr. Mac ,
    I was just checking the Apple website about the education discounts but i don't think there ARE any education discounts for the iTouch.

  4. Hi Ana,
    Did you see if they had any discounts if we buy 10 of them? Maybe we can write a letter or email to Apple explaining what we want to do and see if they might be interested in helping us out.

  5. Hi Mr. Mac,
    I don't see any discounts, I probably didn't check hard enough but I definitely think everyone should talk about it next class so we can agree as a class. See you Monday !

  6. Hi Ana,

    That's a great idea. I will see what I can find in the meantime. Anyone else interested in looking around?


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